Zip, Zoom and Logging Adventure



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Zip, Zoom and Logging Adventure is a TrackMaster set by Fisher Price in the Misty Island Rescue series.


Thomas in this set, can go on the zip line which transports him to the other side of the rails. He can also go to the engine powered Log Mill, where the log cutter is used to "split" and drop the logs back into Thomas' cargo car.


  • Thomas with Green Log Car
  • Log Mill
  • Zip Line
  • Tree Trunk Tunnel
  • Log Track Risers
  • Oval of track with inner oval


Interestingly, this was tested before the TrackMaster (Fisher-Price) release of Hank, and Murdoch and Mighty Mac were never re-released, so this set would have been tested with the TrackMaster (HiT Toy Company) engines as this was the first full year that Fisher-Price released TrackMaster.

  • This is the first set to have a simple layout.


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