Very late doing this, I have been busy recently, but here it is! The 2012 Collector Checklist. I first owned this when I bought my TrackMaster Peter Sam from Fisher-Price. Let's get started!


Looks like some engines that were not on the 2011 Checklist are on here! BoCo with Blue Brakevan, Mavis with Troublesome Truck, and Arthur with Slate Truck are missing.

Talking Motorized:

I am assuming that they showed the engines that were recently on 2012 packaging, but Talking Salty, Gordon, and Diesel have the packaging. Maybe all of the Talking Engines will appear on the 2013 Collector Checklist.

New Friends/New Moments:

I have all of these.

Blue Mountain Mystery is the featured DVD for this checklist.

3 Speed R/C Engines:

Looks like 3 Speed Spencer didn't make it, he doesn't really appear in stores where I live. Do you think he is retired? Leave a comment below.

Blue Mountain Mystery:

Odd enough only Risky Rails Bridge Drop has the check box, usually they would have the check box twice, but not on this checklist. Also I dunno why Mavis' Rocky Delivery was put as a Blue Mountain Mystery item. What are your thoughts on this part? Leave a comment below.

Deluxe Engines:

Thomas in a Jam! did not make it, but I still see him in stores. Do you think he is retired? Leave a comment below.


Same as 2011 Collector Checklist

Action Destinations:

I have all of these.

Cargo and Cars

I have all of these.

I give it 10/10.