Treasure Chase Set



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Treasure Chase Set is a TrackMaster Revolution set by Fisher-Price in the Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure series. The treasure is first dropped into Skiff's boathouse. As Thomas passes the boathouse, Skiff rolls down a slope into the water. When he hits the water, he loses the treasure. As Thomas retrieves it, he becomes stuck in the waves. A button can then be pressed to release Thomas.


  • Seaweed-covered Thomas
  • Skiff
  • Treasure cargo piece
  • Brendam Docks Shed
  • Water Stop Track
  • Arlesburg Entrance
  • Circuit of track with siding and slope


  • The prototype versions of this set featured a yellow barrier at the end of the slope, a brown release button on the Water Stop Track with one version moved closer to the entrance gate, and Skiff in three different designs. These were blue with a yellow sail, black wheels, and "Skiff's Railboat Tours" printed on the sides (this would eventually turn out to be the livery he was painted into after the events depicted in this set take place), one with just the yellow sail and black wheels, and another only with black wheels.
  • Arlesburgh is spelt "Arlesburg" on the entrance gate.
  • The box artwork labelled the Brendam Docks Shed sign as Knapford Harbour.
    • Neither is accurate to the movie, in which the chase primarily takes place at Arlesburgh Harbor.