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Tomica World
1998-2000 logo

Years active:

  • 1998-2002
Tomica World is a battery-operated system manufactured by Tomy in Europe, America, and Australia. The range was similar to the Plarail range as it sold real life engines and items based on Thomas and Friends. In 2003, the range focused only on Thomas products on was rebranded to Thomas Motor Road and Rail. The engines run on blue track and the road vehicles run on grey road.


  • Thomas with Annie and Clarabel
  • Edward with Troublesome Truck and Troublesome Van
  • Henry with Fish Van and Log Car
  • Gordon with Green Express Coach
  • James with Cattle Truck and Brakevan
  • Percy with Fuel Tanker and Mail Car
  • Toby with Henrietta and Troublesome Truck
  • Duck with Scruffey and Toad
  • Donald with Troublesome Trucks
  • Oliver with Red Coaches
  • Diesel with Milk and Fuel Tankers
  • Mavis with The Breakdown Train
  • BoCo with Troublesome Truck and Tar Tanker
  • Ben with China Clay Troublesome Trucks
  • Stepney with Troublesome Truck and Brakevan
  • Lady with Purple Troublesome Trucks
  • Diesel 10 with Gold Troublesome Trucks
  • Splatter and Dodge with Works Unit coach

Road Vehicles

Talk 'n' Action Engines

Three engines have been released with the ability to "talk" using special green pieces of track. The engines' first carriage is connected to them and cannot be taken off.


Track Packs




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