Thomas and the Jet Engine


  • 2004 (Motor Road and Rail)
  • May 2006 (Plarail)
  • 2008 (TrackMaster [Tomy])
  • October 2015 (TrackMaster [Revolution])

Item Number:

  • (Motor Road and Rail)
  • T-24 (Plarail)
  • DFN24 (TrackMaster [Revolution])

Thomas and the Jet Engine (originally known as Thomas the Jet Engine) is a pack based on the episode of the similar name.


  • Motor Road and Rail/TrackMaster by Tomy version (red running board, Jet Engine's light glows red) (2004-2009 - UK; 2005-2007 - US)
  • Plarail version (white running board) (2006-2012 - Japan)
  • TrackMaster (Revolution) version (redesigned body, new wheel rubber, motor with enhanced performance, redesigned cars, manually spinning Jet Engine flame) (2015-present - US/UK)


  • Shocked Thomas with Package Car and Jet Engine with DVD (Motor Road and Rail)
  • Shocked Thomas with Package Car and Jet Engine (Plarail, TrackMaster [Tomy] [UK only])
  • Speeding Thomas with removable aviator goggles, Blue Cargo Car with Crate Cargo, Jet Engine, and character card (TrackMaster [Revolution])


  • The pre-2015 versions of the pack depict the wellwagon the jet engine is on as two cars. This is likely due to its length, as having eight wheels without bogeys on a relatively large truck would make it more difficult to handle curves.