Thomas and Freight Cars set


  • 2001 (Plarail)
  • 2003 (Tomica World)

Thomas and Freight Cars set is a Plarail and Tomica World set that's available in Japan and Australia (at Kmart stores) respectively.


Thomas, in this set, is able to take any combination of trucks out of the yard. He can also take out the Express Coach, the Breakdown Train, or either Trevor, Terence, or Caroline on a flatbed. All the trucks' loads can be taken out and changed between trucks and the switch yard is able to store all of them. There is also another siding which can be removed to expand the set into a layout.


  • Thomas with annoyed expression
  • S.C. Ruffey with barrel loads
  • Red Troublesome Truck with trees
  • Brown Troublesome Truck with fruit crates
  • Green Troublesome truck with fish crates
  • Flatbed with Trevor
  • Flatbed with Caroline
  • Flatbed with Terence
  • Silly Tanker
  • Red Express Coach
  • Breakdown Train
  • Square of track with three-way switch yard


  • Terence is mislabelled as "Trevor" on the Tomica World packaging.