Thomas TrackMaster

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Thomas TrackMaster is a battery-operated system that was manufactured by Fisher-Price, Mattel from late 2009 after picking up the license from the HiT Toy Company. Most engines were given updates and certain products were rereleased in new packaging. The brown track system was still used until 2014 when the range was redesigned to become the TrackMaster (Revolution) range.


In 2013, following a template now used by Fisher-Price for Thomas products, a new "Little Friends" packaging was designed with a country scene background placed on one side of the previous packaging and with the logo side repositioned above the engine. The same design was also applied to the "Big Friends" engines, with a promotional picture of the character in the corner instead. If the character does not have a promotional picture, one of Thomas is used instead. The use of the character's picture has also been used on packs from late 2013.

Tender engines or small engines with a car are known as "Big Friends", and small engines by themself are known as "Little Friends". The engines first came in a blue packaging with red on the left side showing the logo, a picture of Thomas in the bottom left corner, and its name centre bottom. This style of packaging used a similar template to the previous TrackMaster range. The "Little Friends" packaging was in a box with a hole on the right hand side showing the engine's face. The "Big Friends" packaging had some engines in the same box packaging as the "Little Friends", and another where the engine is fixed to a green cardboard base and contained between plastic so that it can be viewed from both sides. The engines later became positioned in the packaging so that the wires were fixing it around the wheels, causing the wheels to have holes. This design was updated in 2012 with the green base replaced with rail illustrations, and again in late 2012 with a new picture of Thomas. An alternate "Big Friends" package design in 2012 had the engine on a cardboard base enclosed by a plastic rectangular prism. This design also replaced the original "Little Friends" box design.

All engines with "*" means that they were also available without cars.

Greatest Moments

The Greatest Moments series was bought over from the original TrackMaster range.

Misty Island Rescue

Day of the Diesels

Blue Mountain Mystery

King of the Railway


All of the packs, except the Sodor Snow Storm series, were only available in the US.

2 Feet Track

Land, Sea, Air, and Rescue

Glow in the Dark

These engines all feature an engine with two cars that has one truck that can glow in the dark.

Easter Exclusive

Sodor Blackout

Sodor Snow Storm

R/C Engines

The R/C Engines originally featured a small engine permanently attached to a car or a tender engine, and a remote that controls the engine. The remote can make the engine go forwards, speed up, go backwards, and play sounds.

These versions were retired to differ largely from the 3 Speed R/C Engines. The R/C Engines from 2012 feature a basic remote control, and because of the saved space, the rolling stock with the engine is separately coupled on.

3 Speed R/C Engines

3 Speed R/C Engines, like the regular R/C Engines, have a three button remote control that has fast movement, phrases and sounds as they speed up.

Talking Engines

The Talking Engines, like the R/C engines, had a small engine permanently attached to a car or a tender engine, and say various phrases and make sounds as they move.

Deluxe Engines

Trucks and Track packs

See-Inside Cars

Cargo and Cars

Road Vehicles

Track Packs




  • In November 2010, The Workshops Rail Museum broke the world record for the world's longest toy train track using the TrackMaster track system The layout, measuring 2014 m and using 10,197 pieces of track, took 2 hours and 52 minutes for a Thomas to go through. The record was beaten in 2011 using the Plarail system. [1] [2]