Tanker wagons

Tanker Wagons


There are black, white, brown, blue and gray tankers used to carry various liquids.


  • Tar Tanker (Plarail/Tomica world)                                                                     
  • Fuel Tanker (Plarail/Tomica world)
  • Sodor Fuel Tanker (Plarail/Tomica world)
  • Milk Tanker (Plarail/Tomica world)
  • White Tanker with Face* (Plarail/Tomica world) *This tanker was the only tanker in the Tomica world, Plarail and Track-master ranges, with a face.
  • Raspberry Syrup Tanker (Plarail/Tomica world)
  • Water Tanker (Plarail/Tomica world)
  • An unknown orange Tanker is included in the "Percy and The Dinosaur wagons" Pack. (Plarail/Tomica world)
  • Hazardous Tanker (Plarail/Tomica world)

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