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This article is about the talking version. You may be looking for the Talk 'n' Action version.
Talking Percy


  • September 2004 (first Plarail version)
  • 2010 (TrackMaster [Fisher-Price] version)
  • 27 December 2013 (second Plarail version)
  • 2014 (TrackMaster [Revolution] version)

Item Number:

  • TT-01 (first Plarail version)
  • R9628/T0957 (TrackMaster [Fisher-Price] version)
  • OT-02 (second Plarail version)
  • CDB85 (TrackMaster [Revolution] version)

Talking Percy is a Plarail and TrackMaster item.


  • Plarail version (coach-driven, responds to movements such as slopes) (2004-2010 - Japan)
  • TrackMaster by Fisher-Price version (Button with phrases and whistle sounds, and random phrases are heard when moving) (2009-2014 - US; 2010-2014 - UK)
  • Plarail version (redesigned with CGI styled face, up to 50 phrases) (2013-present - Japan)
  • TrackMaster (Revolution) by Fisher-Price version (redesigned with attachable car) (2014-present - US/UK)


TrackMaster (Fisher-Price) version:

  • "Hello, I'm Percy!"
  • "I'm Percy, I'm the number six green engine."
  • "I'll chuff and I'll puff to be there on time."
  • "Trembling tracks!"

TrackMaster (Revolution) version:

  • "Hello, I'm Percy."
  • "There's a lot of work to do today!"
  • "I must puff fast, there's no time for delay."
  • "Bust my buffers, I'm a busy engine!"
  • "I like delivering the mail!"
  • "I must be on time!"


  • Talking Percy with Works Coach and Fuel Tanker (Plarail)
  • Talking Percy with Red Coal Truck ([TrackMaster [Fisher-Price])
  • Talking Percy with Mail Coach and Slate Truck (Plarail)
  • Talking Percy with Ice Cream Factory Van (Thomas TrackMaster [Revolution])


  • The 2004 Plarail Talking Percy is voiced by Chisato Nakajima, while the 2013 version is voiced by Chie Kōjiro.
  • The US TrackMaster Talking Percy was voiced by Martin Sherman, while the UK version is voiced by Keith Wickham.


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