Talk 'n' Action Thomas


Talk 'n' Action Thomas is a Talk 'n' Action engine. It contains Thomas with Annie and Clarabel and six pieces of special green track which enables him to talk.


Tomica World version:

  • "I'm Thomas. Here we go!"
  • "I'm really useful!"
  • "Here we go!"
  • "Here we go! Hurry! Hurry!"
  • "Oh dear."
  • "All aboard!"
  • (chuffing sounds)
  • "That was fun."

Tomy US Version:

  • "Full steam ahead."
  • "Hello, I'm Thomas." (Toot Toot!)
  • "Right on time!"
  • "Next stop, Wellsworth!"
  • "I'm a Really Useful Engine."
  • "Little engines can do big things!"
  • (chuffing sounds)
  • "That was Fun!"


  • The UK Talk 'n' Action Thomas is voiced by former UK narrator Michael Angelis, while the US Talk 'n' Action Thomas is voiced by Robin Smith.
  • The Plarail Talk 'n' Action Thomas is voiced by Keiko Toda.


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