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Talk 'n' Action Diesel 10


19 April 2001

Talk 'n' Action Diesel 10 is a Plarail Talk 'n' Action engine.


Talk 'n' Action Diesel 10 contains Diesel 10 with a non-powered Splatter and Dodge, and six pieces of special green track that enable him to talk.


  • Talk 'n' Action Diesel 10 is voiced by Ginzo Matsuo.
  • Talk 'n' Action Diesel 10 is connected to Splatter, while Dodge is non powered and features front couplings.
  • Diesel 10's claw arm is able to rotate and the claw can open and close.
  • The front couplings on an engine didn't occur again until 2011 in the Plarail Back and Go Thomas! Misty Island Set.


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