This article is about Steam Along Thomas. You may be looking for Real Steam Thomas or Choo-choo! Steam Thomas Set.
Steam Along Thomas
TM Steam Along Thomas


Steam Along Thomas (also called Steam Thomas) is a train pack.


The Steam Along Thomas is a special Thomas that has the feature to blow "steam" from its funnel, using water inserted into its tank. Annie holds batteries because of Thomas' steam function. In countries outside Japan, Steam Along Thomas was first released in two sets in 2005, but then given a TrackMaster single release in 2008. In Japan, it had always been available by itself.


  • Plarail version (Regular blue paint)
  • TrackMaster (Tomy) version (Dark metallic blue paint)


  • Steam Along Metallic Thomas with Annie and Clarabel (Plarail, TrackMaster [Tomy])
  • Steam Along Thomas with Annie and Clarabel (Plarail)