• Released:
    • Plarail (individually with Dodge): 2001
    • Tomica World, Motor Road and Rail: 2002
    • TrackMaster (HiT Toy Company): 2008
  • Item Number:
    • Tomica World, Motor Road and Rail: 7456
    • Plarail (2003-2012): T-20

Splatter is Diesel 10's sidekick.



  • Splatter and Dodge with Works Unit Coach (Plarail, Tomica World, Motor Road and Rail, TrackMaster [HiT Toy Company])
  • Splatter with Troublesome Truck and two half straight track pieces (TrackMaster [HiT Toy Company])
  • Splatter with Branch Line Coach and Blue Cattle Van (TrackMaster [HiT Toy Company])
  • Splatter (TrackMaster [HiT Toy Company])

Special Versions


  • Splatter was originally available in a two pack with Dodge, but were later only available separately.
  • Some versions of Splatter have a red buffer bar.


Normal model gallery

Special model gallery

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