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Scrapyard Escape Set


Fall 2017

Scrapyard Escape Set is an upcoming TrackMaster (Revolution) set in the Journey Beyond Sodor series.


Thomas goes up towards the moss-covered ledge, and just when it looks like he can't go any further, the cables drop to provide a safe crossing! but Thomas isn't free from danger yet. After navigating the cable bridge, he enters the Scrapyard shack, where a large machine cog falls into his cargo car. He speeds forward, but there's a gap in the tracks! it looks like Thomas will tumble over the edge until, at the final moment, a Hill shoots out from beneath the shack, offering Thomas a safe route down. The journey continues as the no. 1 blue engine speeds around a curve, and a machine arm Snatches the cog from his cargo car, then drops it in the cargo holder.


  • Leaves and moss covered Thomas with determined expression and Truck with gear wheel cargo
  • Moss covered ledge
  • Steelworks factory with cable bridge
  • Automatic machine arm for the gear wheel
  • Figure 8 of brown, green, and silver track with siding


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