Railway Race Set


May 2016

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Railway Race Set (also known as Thomas and Percy's Railway Race Set) is a TrackMaster (Revolution) set based off The Great Race. The set allows two engines to race each other: as the stop tracks are released, the engine on the left track triggers a bridge to burst open (alternatively, it can function as a normal bridge when not being used with the set). The two engines then pass each other on opposing tracks, where one causes some flags to wave. The engines then return to the starting line on the opposite track of the one they started on. The first engine to cross the finish line triggers a pop-up checkered flag to indicate they are the winner. "Fireworks" pop out at the same time.


  • Streamlined Racing Thomas
  • Racing Percy
  • Bursting Bridge
  • Waving flags track section
  • Gantry with fireworks
  • Finish Line with checkered flag
  • Two large one way circuits of track