Plarail Thomas 25th Anniversary Book


13 April 2017

Plarail Thomas 25th Anniversary Book "I Love You!" Plarail Thomas is a book commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Plarail Thomas range. It features sections on the history of the range, secrets, a guide on previous products, character biographies, information on Plarail Expos, and activities. The book also comes with four bonus items.

Bonus Items

  • Special 2-Way Leisure Sheet featuring a playmat which folds into a storage box
  • Sticker sheet featuring decals based off The Great Race which can be placed on Thomas. This includes the paint splattered Great Railway Show, lightning bolts, and racing stripes designs, and party lights and balloons. Other stickers feature characters from the TV series.
  • Large Poster with one side featuring 62 characters from the range's history, and the reverse side featuring the 2017 engine line-up with a puzzle.
  • "Hiro Returns Home to Japan" mini book