• Released:
    • Plarail: 1998
    • Tomica World, Motor Road and Rail: 1999
  • Item Number:
    • Tomica World, Motor Road and Rail: 7450
    • Plarail (2003-2012): T-10

Oliver is a green Great Western tank engine.



  • Oliver has black wheels, as depicted in the Railway Series.
  • Oliver was only available in one form, and the only engine never to be released in the US.
  • Oliver's side-rods are mounted between the first and second wheels. It is the first and only model to have this feature.
  • Despite his traction rods being connected to his first and second wheels, Oliver's drive wheels have holes in them. It is likely that Oliver's model was intended to have the side-rods connected to his drive wheels, but were instead mounted to his middle wheels to look more accurate to the actual character.
  • A prototype Oliver features a different face and an unpainted cab doorway.