• Released:
    • Plarail, Motor Road and Rail: 2006
    • TrackMaster (HiT Toy Company): 2007
    • TrackMaster (Fisher-Price): 2010
  • Item Number:
    • Motor Road and Rail:
    • Plarail (2006-2012): T-29
    • Motor Road and Rail (with track; 2006): 4937
    • TrackMaster (2010-2013): R9220
    • TrackMaster (2014): BDP22

Molly is a yellow tender engine.



  • Molly with Green Truck (Plarail, Motor Road and Rail, TrackMaster [HiT Toy Company])
  • Molly with four straight track pieces (Motor Road and Rail)
  • Molly with Truck (TrackMaster [HiT Toy Company])
  • Molly with two half straight track pieces (TrackMaster [HiT Toy Company])
  • Molly (TrackMaster [Fisher-Price])

Special Models


  • Molly's motor is stored in her tender, like Emily, Murdoch and Hank.
  • Molly (along with Mighty Mac)'s models lack side rods, even though they have them in the TV series.
  • Molly's face is based off the sculpt in the TV series but the face is the size of her promotional one.


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