Misty Island Deluxe set



Misty Island Deluxe Set is a TrackMaster set by Fisher-Price.


The Misty Island Deluxe Set is a combination of the Zip, Zoom and Logging Adventure set and Shake Shake Bridge set with Bash the Logging Loco and Dash the Logging Loco added.


  • Thomas with Green Log Car
  • Bash with Red Wood Truck and Blue Brakevan
  • Dash with Red and Blue Jobi Log Flatbeds
  • Shake Shake Bridge
  • Logging Mill
  • Zip Line Bridge
  • Tree Trunk Tunnel
  • Log Track Risers
  • Large oval of brown Misty Island track with inner loop and seperate oval


  • On the back of the box, Bash and Dash are both misnamed.


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