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  • I am very mad with him right now. He is removing photos from my personal profile and blog. That is rude can you please give him a warning?

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  • Hello Madbomberfan, nice to meet you. I saw that you told an user that reverting the articles was wrong, but actually it was good because in the character pages the Greatest Moments don't go in the variations section, it goes on special models and for example "Paxton with Slate Trucks" is the pack on the above section so we would be mentioning that pack twice. And also he putted the prototype factory error no stripe Paxton like if it had been released with box! That's not true. Hope you can understand and put the articles like how they were. Thanks for your time, I'm just trying to help the wikia.

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    • Thats it! And we could link that page when an engine has that early design/factory error/prototype on it's page so we don't get confused.

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    • Alright. Regarding the first issue, all new TrackMaster engines are now released in Greatest Moments packs, even though it is always a normal engine now with trucks, and it is put in the special models section. The engine is then usually released the next year in the Big and Little Friends range with the only title being the name of the engine, instead of a description. I do state that few exceptions are allowed in the variations sections, but this is mainly towards the Motor Road and Rail engines released in 2005-06 that added "with track" at the end of the name, but were very much still focused on the engine. With all respect to madbomberfan, I made this choice of organising things like this and I have stressed before that items should be placed in what title and series they were released under instead of our own personal opinions. It's a bit different from your perspective because you've been absent.

      The only Greatest Moments packs that differ to this rule are Hiro and Victor. They were both released by HiT Toys in the typical three pack way with special names and labeled as Greatest Moments in the US, but in the UK, Tomy released the same packs with their own names, as there was only one line of engines in the UK.

      In the HiT Toy Company years of TrackMaster, I believe that there was a lot of experimenting as there are some inconsistencies with the range. The main non-exclusive range was the Big and Little Friends engines which included one or two half straight track pieces. There was a third range made known as New Friends where notably Whiff, Billy, Hector, Hank, Flora, Proteus, and Stanley were released under their own names and also included track pieces. Some of those characters were also released without track and in a different box design in the large US department store exclusive three packs to complement the other engines made in that series. Because they are known as a "Friends" product, and not as Greatest Moments, this is why they are not considered special models. Only now since the release of Stafford, and soon Caitlin, Connor, and Stephen, have new engines been released in packs with their own name being the title, but because Stafford's box states that he is a Greatest Moments pack, his only product is in the special models section. When/If his Big and Little Friends packs are released this year, they should be expected layed out like any already existing character currently is, from which a Variations section is made for him. The gallery sections and links to the actual Greatest Moments pack should help anyone who is puzzled, and if you follow up with the current range, you should know it is normal for engines to be released by themselves or with one car instead of the three car arrangement that started in the Plarail range in 1961.

      Next, about the single models. I didn't know, TheIronEngine, that fans were confused over a seperate unfinished version of Paxton. It, and the loose Hank, does not need a mention though because it is not an official product and are just components. I mean, would you actually count a 2013 Hank without his tender, licensing information, and box as an official product that was intended to be made? Also, if one of those people had for example, a destination from a set for sale, would that then deserve its own article? No, because it's not an actual finished product, just a component. I'm not sure how they were got ahold of, perhaps some eBay sellers happened to work at or order direct from the Fisher-Price factories in Hong Kong and China, and that's how we found a loose Stafford and Green Salty being sold earlier than the time the actual complete packs in box turned up for sale.

      Lastly, no one should make a big deal on the bio sections. It only needs to be brief or it is just filled with information about the character and not enough about what this site's purpose is for, the product based off the character. We know which site to go to find out about a character. What point are you trying to make with Norman being in Dennis' description? There is no need at all because that info is irrelevant to know if there is no Norman. If there was a Norman, then it would be mentioned. You made it sound like the developers at Mattel read this site.

      We could put information about prototypes in the trivia section of engine's pages rather than an article if we know what sort of things we are trying to make clear.

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