Harold's Helipad


October 2015

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Harold's Helipad is a TrackMaster (Revolution) track pack by Fisher-Price. The helipad can be pressed to activate the flashing light and up to ten sounds such as an emergency alarm, siren and whirring sounds, and phrases from Harold.


  • Harold with cargo hook
  • Helipad
  • Base with stop track
  • White Sodor Search and Rescue Centre emergency supplies cargo piece


  • (emergency alarm and whirring sounds) "I think I've spotted the trouble! Follow me!"
  • (siren and whirring sounds) "I'm Harold the Helicopter and I'm here to help!"
  • (emergency alarm and whirring sounds) "You've come to the right place for help!"
  • (siren and whirring sounds) "Off to the rescue!"
  • (emergency alarm and whirring sounds) "Hold on, I'll be there in no time."
  • (siren and whirring sounds) "All set and ready for action!"
  • (landing sounds) "Mission accomplished!"
  • (landing sounds) "Coming in for a landing!"
  • (landing sounds) "No one is hurt and everyone is safe!"


  • Harold is voiced by Kerry Shale.
  • Harold retains his US voice in the UK.
  • The Harold was later included in Sky-High Bridge Jump and the Adventures Shark Escape.