• Released:
    • Plarail: 27 June 1996
    • Tomy Trains: 1994
    • Tomica World, Motor Road and Rail: 2001
    • Plarail (redesigned): 30 January 2003
    • TrackMaster (HiT Toy Company): 2007
    • TrackMaster (Fisher-Price): 2009
    • Plarail (re-release): 29 May 2012
    • TrackMaster (Revolution): June 2014
  • Item Number:
    • Tomica World, Motor Road and Rail: 7457
    • Plarail (2003-2012): T-02
    • Motor Road and Rail (with track; 2005): 4854
    • TrackMaster (2009-2013): R9224
    • Plarail (2012): TS-02
    • TrackMaster (2013): BLM67
    • TrackMaster (Revolution): BML11

Edward is a blue tender engine.


  • Tomy Trains (1994-98 - UK/US):
    • Moves forwards and backwards, cab section with driver figure, seperately coupled tender, magnetic couplings.
  • Plarail/Tomica World/Motor Road and Rail/TrackMaster by HiT Toy Company (1996-2002 - Japan; 2001-2009 - UK/US):
    • Moves only forwards, power in tender, hook and loop couplings.
  • Plarail (2003-present - Japan):
    • Updated face, stripes around the boiler, white running board.
  • TrackMaster by Fisher-Price (2009-2012 - UK/US):
    • Updated face, stripes around the boiler, different sticker details.
  • TrackMaster by Fisher-Price (2012-2014 - UK/US):
    • CGI styled face, new body and motor design, separately coupled tender, four operating wheels on engine instead of eight.
  • TrackMaster (Revolution) by Fisher-Price (2014-present):
    • Redesigned body with no middle wheel, new wheel rubber, smaller tender, and motor with enhanced performance.


  • Edward with Troublesome Truck and Troublesome Van (Plarail, Tomica World, Motor Road and Rail, TrackMaster [HiT Toy Company]
  • Edward with four straight track pieces (Motor Road and Rail [US])
  • Edward with two half straight track pieces (TrackMaster [HiT Toy Company])
  • Edward (Tomy Trains, Motor Road and Rail [US], TrackMaster)

Special versions


  • The prototype TrackMaster (Revolution) Edward shows him with no painted front wheels, as well as painted buffers.
  • The Trackmaster (Revolution) Edward has his side rods starting in the second row of the pilot wheels, thus making the side rods longer than previous models, and also making it inaccurate.


Normal version gallery

Special version gallery