This article is about the Deluxe Avalanche Escape Set. You may be looking for the Avalanche Escape Set or Thomas' Avalanche Escape Set.
Deluxe Avalanche Escape Set



Item Number:


Deluxe Avalanche Escape Set is a TrackMaster (Revolution) set by Fisher-Price in the Tale of the Brave series. It is a combination of the Thomas' Avalanche Escape Set and Troublesome Traps Set, with the addition of the Scrap Monster from the American Avalanche Escape Set.


  • Thomas with Truck
  • Incline
  • Avalanche Gap
  • Collapsing Bridge
  • Scrap Monster
  • Spooky Barn
  • Transforming Haystack
  • Rickety bridge
  • Slope
  • Circuit of track with siding


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