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Cranky and Flynn Save the Day!



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Cranky and Flynn Save the Day! is a TrackMaster set by Fisher-Price in the Day of the Diesels series.


  • Flynn
  • Blue Crate Truck
  • Blue Cage
  • R/C Talking Cranky
  • Loading Track
  • Eight Curved Pieces
  • Five Straight Tracks
  • Fire Track with Flame


  1. "Hello, I'm Cranky."
  2. "Let's be really useful."
  3. "Loading and unloading zone only."
  4. "It's always busy at the docks."
  5. "I load, you deliver."
  6. "Let's get to work!"
  7. "These crates are light as fluff."
  8. "Lift and load."
  9. "I'm stuck here loading and unloading all day."


  • This set was nominated for "Boy Toy of the Year" in the 2012 Toy Awards run by the Toy Industry Association, Inc.
  • Cranky is voiced by Glenn Wrage.


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