Choo-choo! Steam Thomas Set


30 March 2017

Item Number:


Choo-choo! Steam Thomas Set is a Plarail set. It features a Steam Thomas with 27 sounds and phrases which can blow safe to touch steam, and a water tower. Pressing the button on top of the water tower when Thomas is underneath can fill him with water which then drains out the side into the pond.


  • Steam Thomas with Red Crate Truck
  • Water Tower with pond
  • Iron Bridge
  • Oval of track
  • Waterproof scenery mat


The phrases have been translated.

  • "Hello, I'm Thomas!" (switched on)
  • "Let me steam!"
  • "Look at my funnel!"
  • "Choo! Choo!"
  • "I am thirsty!"
  • "Please put water in me!"
  • "Peep! Peep!"
  • "It's full!"
  • "Departing now!"


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