This article is about Big Thomas. You may be looking for Giant Thomas.
Big Thomas


9 July 2015 [1]

Big Thomas is a Plarail destination. It features a large talking version of Thomas which can say up to 31 phrases in Japanese and has ten sound effects, with a tunnel running through and a Stop Rail piece when opened up to connect to more track. The opened up destination shows how Thomas works. It includes a Green and Grey Dumper Car which can be loaded with the 12 coal balls using the shovel. Any engine can then go into the tunnel, dump the coal into the fire, and activate the lights and sounds showing Thomas' fire burning, water tank refilling, and wheels moving. A switch can be pressed to sound his whistle and work without another engine.


  • The design of Big Thomas was later used for the Motorized Railway Giant Thomas with the track adjusted for the Motorized Railway system.