This article is about the Avalanche Escape Set. You may be looking for the Thomas' Avalanche Escape Set.
Avalanche Escape Set


14 July 2014

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Avalanche Escape Set is a TrackMaster (Revolution) US set by Fisher-Price in the Tale of the Brave series. Thomas bursts through a gate and then passes through the scrapyard, where Reg's Scrap Monster pops out as he passes by. Thomas then makes his way to the clay pits, where he finds a large gap in the track. The section of track he is on tips, sending him falling down the hill. As he returns to ground level, Thomas passes through a small tunnel. He automatically flips a switch that resets the tipping track and, if he has the unique cargo car with the tab on the side, a fossil will drop into his truck in the "reset" tunnel.


  • Thomas with Truck and fossil cargo piece
  • Incline
  • Avalanche Gap
  • Collapsing Bridge
  • Scrap Monster
  • Circuit of track with siding


  • This set was nominated for best vehicle toy in Time to Play Magazine's 2014 People's Play Awards and named one of Good Housekeeping Magazine's 2014 Best Toys.


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